Stories of Animal Sagacity

Over 300 short stories of how smart and savvy various animals seem to be, and in most cases a little moral is drawn from the story.

William Henry Giles Kingston (1814 - 1880)
He was often credited as W. H. G. Kingston, was an English writer of boys' adventure novels.  (Summary from Wikipedia)
Genre(s): General

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Download Name Play Size Duration
download 01 - Cats, Part 1
WHG Kingston

13.2 MB 28:44 min
download 02 - Cats, Part 2
WHG Kingston

11.4 MB 25:01 min
download 03 - Dogs, Part 1
WHG Kingston

15.3 MB 33:19 min
download 04 - Dogs, Part 2
WHG Kingston

15.5 MB 33:50 min
download 05 - Dogs, Part 3
WHG Kingston

20.3 MB 44:27 min
download 06 - Horses
WHG Kingston

14.4 MB 31:25 min
download 07 - Donkeys
WHG Kingston

5.9 MB 12:54 min
download 08 - Elephants
WHG Kingston

7 MB 15:15 min
download 09 - Oxen
WHG Kingston

7 MB 15:22 min
download 10 - Savage and Other Animals, Part 1
WHG Kingston

13.3 MB 29:07 min
download 11 - Savage and Other Animals, Part 2
WHG Kingston

15.6 MB 34:06 min
download 12 - Birds, Part 1
WHG Kingston

9.3 MB 20:17 min
download 13 - Birds part 2
WHG Kingston

9.2 MB 20:03 min

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