Famous Givers and Their Gifts

While it is interesting to see how men have built up fortunes, as a rule, through industry, saving, and great energy, it is even more interesting to see how those fortunes have been or may be used for the benefit of mankind. In a volume of this size, of course, it is impossible to speak of but few out of many who have given generously of their wealth, both in this country and abroad.

The book has been written with the hope that others may be incited to give through reading it, and may see the results of their giving in their lifetime.

Sarah Knowles Bolton (September 15, 1841 – February 21, 1916)
She wrote extensively for the press, was one of the first corresponding secretaries of the Woman's national temperance union, was associate editor of the Boston "Congregationalist" (1878–81), and traveled for two years in Europe, studying profit-sharing, female higher education, and other social questions. Her writings encourage readers to improve the world about them through faith and hard work.
Genre(s): Non-fiction, Biography & Autobiography, History

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