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Puppets and LEGO®

LEGO® Brick Films video collection

Commonly called "LEGO Movies," Brick Films are dedicated to the art of stop motion animation. The focus of these films is the animation of plastic building toys, or bricks (including LEGO, Mega Bloks, Best-Lock, and more). 

Brick Films

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lego amazing adventures of the tempLEGO® AMAZING ADVENTURES OF THE TEMP

Superman gets seriously injured from a kryptonite accident. He lays in a hospital bed with no other choice than to call The Temp!

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lego extreme break dancingLEGO® EXTREME BREAK DANCING

LEGO guys break dancing!

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lego half lifeLEGO® HALF-LIFE

A series of Brick Films following the story of the game "Half-Life".

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lego lion hearts birthdayLEGO® LION HEART'S BIRTHDAY

Have you ever wondered how knights celebrate their birthday?

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lego the clanLEGO® THE CLAN

The LEGO Clan is back and seeking revenge.

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lego the letterLEGO® THE LETTER

A man has a letter to mail.

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lego vikingsLEGO® VIKINGS

A band of vikings invade LEGO city to try to rescue some of their viking buddies

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