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Short Films

Disney Short Films collection

These animated short films were produced by Walt Disney Productions. The cartoon stars an ensemble cast of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

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disney clockcleanersDISNEY - CLOCK CLEANERS

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy each face different obstacles while cleaning a giant clock tower: Mickey tries to remove a sleepy stork that is nesting in the gears while a temperamental spring causes trouble for Donald.

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disney crazy with the heatDISNEY - CRAZY WITH THE HEAT

Donald and Goofy are driving across the desert, apparently the Sahara. The car breaks down (out of gas), and they start walking. Before long, they are out of water and are see mirages of soda fountains and icebergs. Fortunately, they find a camel.

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disney hawaiian holidayDISNEY - HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY

Mickey and his friends are vacationing in Hawaii. Minnie dances in a grass skirt while Mickey plays a slide guitar, Donald plays a ukulele, and Pluto chases the waves.

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disney mickeys fire brigadeDISNEY - MICKEY'S FIRE BRIGADE

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy are firefighters responding to a hotel fire. Mickey drives a contemporary style hook-and-ladder fire truck, while Donald is standing on a stack of ladders on the truck shouting "Fire! Fire! Fire!", while Goofy is steering the rear of the truck.

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disney the book of poohDISNEY - THE BOOK OF POOH

Disney version of the classic children's stories about Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Rather than the animated versions of the past, this series is done entirely in a puppet format. In it, Tigger bounces, Piglet worries, Eeyore glooms, and Pooh just tries to get a tummy full of honey.

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disney donald duck working for peanutsDISNEY - WORKING FOR PEANUTS

Working for Peanuts is a 1953 animated short produced by Walt Disney. It is notable for being one of their first shorts filmed in 3D. The tagline of the film is "Walt Disney's Donald Duck & Chip 'N Dale in their first laugh riot in 3-Dimension."

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