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Little Audrey video collection

A free archive collection of Little Audrey cartoons. Little Audrey has reddish brown hair with ribbons making three pigtails. She wears a little dress with puffed sleeves, white gloves, white ankle socks, and black Mary Jane shoes.

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little audrey in butterscotch and sodaLITTLE AUDREY: BUTTERSCOTCH AND SODA

After Little Audrey is forbidden to eat candy, she gets the sweet-tooth version of delirium tremens. Suddenly, she's in a Candy Horror Land with cruel suckers and evil candy canes.

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little audrey the lost dreamLITTLE AUDREY: THE LOST DREAM

Little Audrey helps a lost dream find his way back to Dream Land.

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little audrey goofy goofy ganderLITTLE AUDREY: GOOFY GOOFY GANDER

Little Audrey is not interested in reciting Mother Goose rhymes with the other kids in class.

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little audrey riding hoodLITTLE AUDREY RIDING HOOD

Little Audrey is taking a cake to her grandmother and discovers a burglar robbing the old lady's house. Audrey tricks the robber and locks him in the cellar. But he escapes and corners Audrey. Grandma comes to the rescue, drops her cane, and takes out the burglar using jujitsu.

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little audrey tarts and flowersLITTLE AUDREY TARTS AND FLOWERS

Little Audrey attends a wedding between a gingerbread boy and an angel food cake. A devil's food cake shows up and kidnaps the bride.

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little audrey canaryLITTLE AUDREY CANARY

Little Audrey falls asleep and dreams she is in animal-land investigating the murder of Cock Robin.

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