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Television Cartoon Series

Clutch Cargo video collection

A free archive collection of Clutch Cargo cartoons. Clutch Cargo was an animated television series of adventures.

The stories centered on Clutch Cargo (voiced by radio actor Richard Cotting), described as "a writer and pilot with a muscular build, a white flat-top hair cut and rugged good looks". Clutch Cargo was sent around the world on dangerous assignments. Accompanying him on the assignments were his young ward Spinner and his pet dachshund, Paddlefoot.

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clutch cargo mister abominableCLUTCH CARGO: MISTER ABOMINABLE

After being forced to make an emergency landing in the Himalayas, Clutch and Company help a Mongolian Prince find his village’s sacred blue yak, with the help of an odd little hermit from Ohio.

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clutch cargo pipeline to dangerCLUTCH CARGO: PIPELINE TO DANGER

At the request of an old friend, Clutch, Spinner, and Paddlefoot travel to the desert oil fields, to find out why crude oil isn’t making its way through a new pipeline.

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clutch cargo the arctic bird giantCLUTCH CARGO: THE ARCTIC BIRD GIANT

With the help of an Eskimo friend, Clutch and Company travel to the North Country, to assist their old friend, Captain Lowtide, in solving the mystery of his missing cargo.

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clutch cargo the elephant nappersCLUTCH CARGO: THE ELEPHANT-NAPPERS

When crooks steal the prized white elephant of The Rampur of Monsoon Isle, The Rampur summons Clutch And Company to investigate the disappearance.

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clutch cargo the kangaroo expressCLUTCH CARGO: THE KANGAROO EXPRESS

Clutch, Spinner, and Paddlefoot travel to South America, to investigate the disappearances of their old friends Chub Perkins, and his Daughter, Mary.

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clutch cargo air raceCLUTCH CARGO: AIR RACE

Clutch and Company participate in a North Pacific air race, and, with the help of their old friend, and fellow racer – Hiram Biggs – foil the attempts of a crooked pilot to keep them from finishing.

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clutch cargo the missing trainCLUTCH CARGO: THE MISSING TRAIN

An entire train with a shipment of $50,000 in gold turns up missing. Clutch, Spinner, and Paddlefoot help a small-town Sheriff find out how.

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clutch cargo the haunted castleCLUTCH CARGO: THE HAUNTED CASTLE

RAt the request of an old friend, Clutch, Spinner, and Paddlefoot travel to the Scottish Highlands, to investigate strange goings-on in an old castle.

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clutch cargo the ghost shipCLUTCH CARGO: THE GHOST SHIP

Spinner and Paddlefoot help Clutch foil an old miser's plan to frighten fisherman into foreclosure on their homes and fishing boats.

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clutch cargo dragon flyCLUTCH CARGO: DRAGON FLY

When a Native American friend claims that his fur traps were raided by a giant dragonfly, Clutch and Company, along with an RCMP Sergeant, help him get to the bottom of the mystery.

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clutch cargo the vanishing goldCLUTCH CARGO: THE VANISHING GOLD

Clutch and Company help find out why and how an old prospector’s gold is disappearing.

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clutch cargo the devil birdCLUTCH CARGO: THE DEVIL BIRD

Clutch and Company go after a giant condor, which has frightened away the entire native population of a South Seas Island.

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clutch cargo the fortune cookie caperCLUTCH CARGO: THE FORTUNE COOKIE CAPER

By way of a message in a fortune cookie, Clutch and Company are summoned to Hong Kong, by an old friend who is being held captive by smugglers.

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clutch cargo the dinky incasCLUTCH CARGO: THE DINKY INCAS

While searching for a missing Archaeologist, in the Peruvian jungle, Clutch discovers a race of diminutive natives who are dedicated to protecting the artifacts of their ancestors.

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clutch cargo mystery in the northwoodsCLUTCH CARGO: MYSTERY IN THE NORTHWOODS

Clutch and company confront a thief who has developed a clever method of stealing timber from a Northwoods Logger, who is an old friend of Clutch.

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clutch cargo feather fuddleCLUTCH CARGO: FEATHER FUDDLE

While searching for a missing Ornithologist, in a game preserve, Clutch and Company shut down some outlaws who are illegally hunting birds for their feathers.

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clutch cargo crop dustersCLUTCH CARGO: CROP DUSTERS

Clutch and Company help a Southern Cotton Farmer, whose crops are being attacked by a species of genetically altered super-bugs.

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clutch cargo cheddar cheatersCLUTCH CARGO: CHEDDAR CHEATERS

Clutch and Company travel to the Netherlands, to help the world’s greatest cheesemaker catch a couple of goofy cow thieves.

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clutch cargo the alaskan pilotCLUTCH CARGO: THE ALASKAN PILOT

Clutch, Spinner, and Paddlefoot travel to Alaska, to help two quarreling old prospectors protect their claim to a gold-producing stream.

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