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NASA & Science

Engineering, it's your future!

Find out what kids think are the Grand Challenges for Engineering. Last year, students submitted essays about challenges to the website EngineeringGirl.org, and the winning essays are online.

NASA's Climate Kids

Climate Kids activities, resources, and games to teach kids of all ages about Earth's systems, water cycle, weather and climate.

Space Station Tour & Activities

The International Space Station marked its 10th anniversary of continuous human occupation on Nov. 2, 2010. Since Expedition 1, which launched Oct. 31, 2000, and docked Nov. 2, the space station has been visited by 204 individuals.

Build Gliders & Explore Flight

The templates supplied with this activity allows you to build and experiment with all of these basic wing/tail/canard configurations. Eight different plastic foam “X-gliders” can be built using the template, but the total number of variations is only limited by the imagination of the “designer”

Paper Airplane Craft - Roundel Insignia

A roundel in heraldry is a disc; the term is also commonly used to refer to a type of national insignia used on military aircraft, generally circular in shape and usually comprising concentric rings of different colours.

The Delta - Paper Plane Glider

The Delta has a wide delta wing form, winglets (turned-up wings), and a solid blunt nose. The Delta is a slow moving glider.
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