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NASA’s Space Place Activities and Video Series

Free game apps! A web version of the games are also available. Almost all of the games, articles, and activities on The Space Place have something to do with a particular NASA mission.

A selection of the latest NASA Earth and space images and videos, as well as a rotating selection of Space Place articles and lots of activities and games. You will see additional places of interest on any topic you are viewing at the bottom of the page.

Link spaceplace.nasa.gov

About NASA Space Place for Kids Video

Video Overview

1Space Place Prime is a content presentation app that gathers some of the best and most recent offerings from NASA. A spinoff of NASA’s popular kids’ Space Place website (spaceplace.nasa.gov or science.nasa.gov/kids), Space Place Prime has intergenerational appeal. It taps timely educational and easy-to-read articles from the website, as well as daily updates of NASA space and Earth-from-space images and the latest informative videos.

2In Satellite Insight, colored blocks falling into columns on a grid represent small pieces of data. When three or more same-colored blocks are touching, tap to select, then tap on the GOES-R satellite to store. Data blocks fall slowly at first, but speed up quickly. Each speed-up also brings a power-up tool you can use at any time to help clear the grid. But if the data piles up past the top of the grid, the game ends. Keep it going as long as you can and try to beat your best time!

3The Rosetta spacecraft approaches Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Using its thrusters, Rosetta goes into orbit around the comet nucleus. Now you, the player, get to take over the spacecraft in its mission to learn about the mysterious comet. First, you must drop a lander on the nucleus. To land it in an optimum location, your timing must Space Place for Kidsbe excellent!

Download Space Place Videos

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Space Place Live - Chris Martin

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Space Place Live - Deborah Vane

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Space Place Live - Kip Thorne

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Space Place in a Snap: What is a Black Hole

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Space Place in a Snap: Tectonic Forces

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Space Place in a Snap: The Solar System's Formation

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Space Place for Kids

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Video - About NASA's Space Place for Kids 15.61 MB Download Preview
GOES Fun Activity Book 1.74 MB Download Preview
GOES-R Fun Activity Book 1.24 MB Download Preview
Space Place coloring book 1.74 MB Download Preview
Galex fun puzzles 1.15 MB Download Preview
Goes board game question cards 3.25 MB Download Preview
Crossword puzzle and cloud identification quiz 3.79 MB Download Preview
Space Place apps for Mobile Devices -- NASA Space Place 838.71 KB Download Preview
Goes board game 2.36 MB Download Preview
Space Place Desktop Wallpaper 8.12 MB Download
The Space Place Calendar June 2015 - June 2016 7.82 MB Download Preview
What is Your Sign Star Finder activity book 5.68 MB Download Preview
Herschel Infrared Experiment activity 226.15 KB Download Preview
Make a relief map jigsaw puzzle 165.47 KB Download Preview
Spitzer bookmarks 1.28 MB Download Preview
Spitzer postcards 3.48 MB Download Preview
World map top-o-map puzzle 240.79 KB Download Preview
What is a Black Hole poster 3.55 MB Download Preview
The Solar System's Formation poster 484.78 KB Download Preview
Tectonic Forces poster 655.10 KB Download Preview
Where Does the Sun's Energy Come From poster 629.56 KB Download Preview
GPS and the Quest for Pizza poster 877.53 KB Download Preview
Grace activity and coloring pages 1.31 MB Download Preview
Mars activity and coloring pages 1.36 MB Download Preview
Space Shuttle story book and coloring pages 988.36 KB Download Preview
Spinoff Activity and coloring pages 6.50 MB Download Preview
The Curator's activity and coloring pages 4.21 MB Download Preview