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In this new adventure, the Web-surfing Techno Cat learns that downloading is a great way to get information if it’s done the right way.

New Release: Faux Paw Featuring PDF eBooks and Narrated Videos

When using a risky file sharing program to get a new song, Faux Paw learns the hard way that illegal downloading hurts everyone, including herself!

Faux Paw the Techno Cat

Faux Paw is an adventurous six-toed, Web-surfing cat that loves having fun with her friends. Sometimes, she runs into trouble while being on her computer and while playing video games. Certainly, she’s learned one thing over the years: the internet is like a big city, with a lots of possibilities! That means it is important to learn how to use it safely and follow the rules.

Read More: iKeepsafe.org

mp4Video - Faux Paws Dangerous Download
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