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Rigs of Rods ("RoR") is an open source multi-simulation game uses soft-body physics to simulate the motion and deformation of vehicles.

The game was built using a specific soft-body physics engine called Beam, which simulates a network of interconnected nodes (forming the chassis and the wheels) and gives the ability to simulate deformable objects. With this engine, vehicles and their loads flex and deform as stresses are applied. Crashing into walls or terrain can permanently deform a vehicle.

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Rigs of Rods Repository

Here is the place you can upload and download tons of mods for Rigs of Rods

The map, Verniocity, is an urban map, not a flat map, with a long highway around the map, an off road course, houses and fire department. Verniocity has everything that an urban map need, grass, trees and alpha splatting gives it a nice looking.

  • Tutorials
    If you feel like sharing the experience, you can play on one of the many public multiplayer servers. Note that multiplayer is the newest feature to RoR and is still in development and can be unstable at times! Please be patient and if you encounter errors, be sure to read the Troubleshooting page.
  • Multiplayer
    Play Rigs of Rods online with others. Please see the Beginner's Guide to Multiplayer.
  • Adding Content
    To add new vehicles or terrains, go to Installing Files from the Repository. To add objects/vehicles or make changes to a terrain you already have, see Terrn file description or Adding truck/load to the maps.

Always be sure to only download at trusted Web locations with active participation from other internet users. example: forums, support, wiki, tutorials and active newsletters. You are FREE to download any item without registration. You can visit the official website.