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A real time strategy game based on the spring-engine; the game features robots, tanks, ships, real and physics weapons simulation.

In each level, the goal is to use your two player pieces to collect all of the stars before leaving through the door. Other pieces such as circles, squares, triangles and dots serve to help or hinder you in this quest. Part of the challenge of Chroma is understanding exactly how these pieces interact with one another

It features:

  • robots, tanks, ships, airplanes, static weapons
  • epic battles with hundreds of units
  • 150+ types of units (but easy to understand them because of classes system of weapons and units) in two main robot factions
  • 3rd faction of Spacebugs, deadly insect from deep Space (visually similar to Starship troopers bugs)
  • 3 AI bots, 2 skirmish ones (NOE and Shard – each has own developer and they compete), 3rd bot is for Spacebugs survivor mission (you can face bugs in singleplayer or in coop play)
  • 15-30 mins 1v1 matches, 45-90 mins huge 5v5+ battles
  • real physics weapons simulation (= much miss-fire, no automatic hits, few guided weapons, many anti-weapons systems)
  • armor simulation for tanks in combination of reverse ability of tanks (it does matter in which direction your tanks face the enemy units)
  • airplanes fuel game mechanic (unique air fights, hard to get air-supremacy, which is key to victory)
  • many ways of acquiring resources (mining, automatic production, trading, reclaiming dead units or map objects,…)
  • different game roles for robots and vehicles (robots = slow cheap soliders with the best firepower for cost, tanks = lines crushers, the best units in 1:1 units comparion)
  • mighty navy in right scale to ground/air units – ship cost a lot, but rule the sea and coast areas
  • balance of advanced technology units and basic units – both has its role in late game (40min+) as well.

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