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Popeye the Sailor video collection

Popeye the Sailor is a series of animated cartoons. Popeye is invariably put into what seems like a hopeless situation in every episode. Popeye's physical strength immediately becomes superhuman after swallowing a can of spinach which he apparently regularly carries with him.

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Popeye battles a gopher over his precious spinach plants.

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Popeye is trying to get his nephews to eat their spinach, so he tells them about how Hercules (Popeye) defeated a bully (Bluto).

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popeye meets ali babas forty thievesPOPEYE THE SAILOR: MEETS ALI BABA'S FORTY THIEVES

Popeye the Sailor, accompanied by Olive Oyl and Wimpy, is dispatched to stop the dreaded bandit Abu Hassan and his force of forty thieves.

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popeye the sailor cooking with gagsPOPEYE THE SAILOR: COOKING WITH GAGS

The boys are taking Olive on a picnic. It's April 1, and Bluto plays a series of "jokes" on Popeye, though of course they go beyond the bounds of acceptability, particularly once they get to the picnic grounds; Bluto puts gasoline on the fire he asks Popeye to light and swaps a beehive for the lemonade

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popeye the sailor meets sindbad the sailorPOPEYE THE SAILOR MEETS SINDBAD THE SAILOR

The legendary sailors Popeye and Sindbad do battle to see which one is the greatest.

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popeye out to punchPOPEYE THE SAILOR: OUT TO PUNCH

Popeye's training for his boxing match with Bluto by jumping rope with a massive chain. Bluto, who is lazy about everything except sabotage, decides he needs to stop Popeye.

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popeye big bad sinbadPOPEYE THE SAILOR: BIG BAD SINBAD

Ruffus plays the diminutive Tom Thumb who, with his friend Bliss the pig, embarks on quest to find his place in the big world beyond his doorstep.

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popeye parlez vous wooPOPEYE THE SAILOR: PARLEZ VOUS WOO

Olive is so captive by "The International", a radio personality with a French accent, that she'd rather stay home than go out on a date with Popeye.

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Two of Popeye's nephews get caught playing with fireworks on the Fourth of July. Popeye takes them away, and they spend the rest of the picture trying to get them back.

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popeye bride and gloomPOPEYE THE SAILOR: BRIDE AND GLOOM

Popeye is marrying Olive tomorrow; he is ecstatic. She has a dream of the future, including twin sons who prove to be a real handful. When Popeye comes by the next morning, he gets a frosty reception.

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popeye assault and flatteryPOPEYE THE SAILOR: ASSAULT AND FLATTERY

Popeye is on trial for beating up Bluto. Bluto is accusing Popeye in judge Wimpy's courtroom. Bluto tells a sad tale of how Popeye attacked him without action, but Popeye tells his side.

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popeye fright to the finishPOPEYE THE SAILOR: FRIGHT TO THE FINISH

Olive is reading ghost stories to the boys. Popeye scoffs; Bluto decides to take advantage of this by staging various pranks (a headless man, an animated skeleton, and a sheet-over-balloon ghost). He pins the blame on Popeye and then goes to comfort Olive. Popeye retaliates by turning invisible, thanks to a jar of vanishing cream.

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popeye private eye popeyePOPEYE THE SAILOR: PRIVATE EYE POPEYE

Popeye gets a call from Olive Oyl to guard a precious gem. But no sooner does he get the gem than the butler takes

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Popeye and Bluto both run a taxi service. Bluto bullies Popeye and gets him to turn over all of his cab fares. Popeye eventually gets the better of Bluto.

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