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Kids financial resources to manage money and learning activities are free to view, share, and download. It is important for Children to be “literate” about money matters and how to plan for their future.

Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows individuals to make informed and effective decisions with all their financial resources.


Do you know how to earn money? How much money should you save? Discover the answers now! And play some games along the way to test your money smarts.

The site provides tools to help parents as well as educators teach children to manage money wisely and develop good financial habits: the building blocks for a secure future. Given the current rate of savings and debt in America, this is a lesson that desperately needs to be learned.

  • Ideas for Teachers contains activities to illustrate sound money-management concepts.
  • The Parents section provides tips for mentoring and nurturing children, to help them grow in financial responsibility. Some of these tips lay very simple groundwork and can be used before children start grade school.

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Biz Kid$

Our Biz Kid$ Basics collection is your launching pad to success! Learn quick tips about budgeting, credit, taxes, saving, and more. These core concepts will turn you into a Biz Kid in no time!

Biz Kid$ is a national financial education initiative based on an Emmy Award-winning public television series about kids, money, and business. The series includes 65 episodes. Using a clever blend of entertainment and education, each Biz Kid$ episode shows kids how to make and manage money by introducing concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. To keep young viewers engaged, the series includes a fast-paced mix of direct education delivered by young actors, sketch comedies, animation, and stories featuring real life young entrepreneurs. The show is complemented by a resource-rich website, free lesson plans mapped to state and national standards, outreach activities, a robust Facebook presence, and a book for teens and tweens titled “How To Turn $100 Into $1 Million.”

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