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About Green America

Green America periodically produces in-depth consumer guides to help individuals use their economic power to address pressing social and environmental issues.

pdfGuide to Fair Trade


 What Does it Mean to Vote With Your Dollar?

Want to create a greener world that works for all people? One of the most important things you can do is vote with your dollars.

By  Green America

 Vote with Your Clothes

Sweatshop-Free Clothing

Consumers can respect workers' rights without giving up looking trendy. With these smart steps, buyers can find great fair trade finds.

Dress with Good in Mind at Green Corporations

Give these selected brands a chance to provide you with sustainable clothing.

Dress Better: Buy from Certified Green Businesses

Feel as good buying your clothing as you do in them. Trust these certified brands to give you quality and sustainable clothing.

Dress Best: Buy Secondhand Clothing

Buy secondhand pieces of clothing through these companies that promote reducing and reusing.

 Vote with Your Food

Food that Nourishes People and the Planet

Local, organic, and Fair Trade products can keep your food dollars away from destructive agri-businesses.

Eat Less Meat, Cool the Planet

Reducing the amount of animal products in your diet can prevent tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

Child Labor in Your Chocolate? Check Our Scorecard

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9 Ways to Support Sustainable Food

Learn how to create a healthier food system

 Vote with Your Bank Account

Break Up with Your Megabank in 10 Easy Steps

Learn how to break up with your megabank.

Add Socially Responsible Investments to Your Workplace's Retirement Plan

Back to the Vote With Your Dollar Toolkit Brought to you by Green America and Social(k), national leaders in advancing socially and environmentally responsible investing (SRI).

 Vote to Save Forests

How to Identify Better Paper

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 Support Greener Businesses

Make a difference by supporting green businesses. Take a look at Green America's Green Pages Online to learn more.  

16 Green Businesses You Need in Your Life

Get what you need from responsible businesses, not box stores

11 Greener Options Than Amazon

We're trying to get Amazon to build a cleaner cloud. Until they do, shop these greener businesses.

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