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Schedule free donation pick up with charities across U.S. and Canada. Donation Town connects people who want to donate toys and household items with charities. 

Donating is Recycling

Donate clothes, furniture, toys and household items with hundreds of charities across the United States and Canada. When donors contact Donation Town, the organization responds with a list of local charities that will pick up those donations free of charge. Then Donation Town will help the donor schedule a donation pick up time. To make the process easier, donors don’t even need to be there at the time of pick up. Charities will pick up the donations at the donor's home or place of business, and even leave a tax deductible receipt.

Schedule Free Donation Pick Up with Hundreds of Charities across the U.S. and Canada

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What Happens When an Animal Species Goes Extinct?

All Known Species in One Place

Encyclopedia of Life's information on all the planet's 1.9 million known species is compiled from existing databases and from contributions by experts and non-experts throughout the world. It aims to build one "infinitely expandable" page for each species, including video, sound, images, graphics, as well as text. Free to use and share.

Southern Historic Birth is Hope for White Rhinos

A historic and successful birth of a southern white rhino calf at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park—the conservation organization’s first rhino born following hormone-induced ovulation and artificial insemination. The mother, Victoria, gave birth to a healthy male calf Sunday, July 28, 2019.

Loss of Northern White Rhinos

Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya: Less than a century ago, hundreds of thousands of northern white rhinos roamed the landscape of Central Africa. The last male, known as Sudan, died in March 2018 at the age of 45. The two remaining white rhinos are females, Najin and Fatu.