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Private I. Plug invites you to join him as he sniffs out dangers and learns about fire and electrical safety during all 4 seasons of the year! The 4 Seasons of Safety program includes tips, lessons and activities that help students learn about basic fire and electricity concepts while also providing critical safety information that helps them learn to identify and prevent the fire and electrical safety hazards. All included activities can be conducted without the need for additional resources or supplies and with little to no advance preparation required.

Be Safe Around Electricity

The world around us relies increasingly on electricity. The more students know about those things that rely on electricity, the more aware of the potential dangers they will become, and the more likely they will be to use these safely. This knowledge can prevent electrical fires and shocks/electrocutions from happening.

In the U.S., electrical burns and injuries from lightning result in approximately 3,000 admissions to specialized burn units annually, and result in about 1,000 fatalities. In addition, electrical fires in residences cause more than 25,000 fires annually.

Remembering a few basic safety tips can help keep you and your children safe.

pdfThe Basics of Electricity - Activities Teacher, Parent, and Guardian Guide

pdfThe Basics of Electricity - Teacher, Parent, and Guardian Worksheets for Children


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