Famous Series

Fifty Famous People

Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin is a collection of short stories that give a snapshot into the life of a legendary hero or an event in history. Hear how Alexander the Great tamed Bucephalus, the kindness of Doctor Goldsmith, William Tell, George Washington and his hatchet, King Alfred as well as many other interesting tales.

Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Women - Volume 2

In this volume, Elbert Hubbard reflects on the lives of various powerful and influential women. Included are Elizabeth B. Browning, Madame Guyon, Harriet Martineau, Charlotte Bronte, Christina Rossetti, Rosa Bonheur, Madame De Stael, Elizabeth Fry, Mary Lamb, Jane Austen, Empress Josephine and Mary W. Shelley. There is also a short introduction by Hubbard's son, Elbert Hubbard II, written just after his father's death.

Famous European Artists

Hermann Grimm says, "Reverence for what is great is a universal feeling. When we look at great men, it is as if we saw a victorious army, the flower of a people, marching along. They all speak one common language, know nothing of castes, of noble or pariah; and he who now or in times to come thinks or acts like them rises up to them, and is admitted into their circle."