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Fit For Duty: Military Workout Videos

High-energy, 30-minute workouts, Pilates, and Yoga videos led by service members are free to view, share, and download.

Multimedia menu video categories:

1Pilates & Yoga can become a great addition to a workout routine.

2High energy workouts - 8 episodes - Three 10 minutes or less routines

3Workouts in HD - strength training and workout routines

About Fit for Duty

The Pentagon Channel (TPC) www.pentagonchannel.mil
The Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS) dvidshub.net

The DVIDS is provided as a public service operated by Third Army/U.S. Army Central (ARCENT) on behalf of the Department of the Army in support of all branches of the U.S. military and its Coalition partners serving with U.S. Forces in the Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility and throughout the world.

Information presented on or via DVIDS is considered public information and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified.

Fit for Duty is free of known copyright restrictions under U.S. copyright law.  publicdomain