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Humphrey is our story's protagonist, and you must help him to paint the floor of all forty rooms in his house. To paint each floor tile you must step on it, but try to do this without falling in a hole. Humphrey can jump long distances and even maneuver in the air while jumping.

In Humphrey you take the role of an alien movie megastar from year 2454, who, being at the very edge of madness due to his fans mercyless besiege, goes for a quiet retirement on his brand new mansion, built on a secret place from the galaxy... only to find most of the house's forty rooms are not finished yet, his fans have located and invaded the place, and the worst thing of all for his poor tortured mind: all rooms are painted on the wrong colors! If Humphrey wants to stay on the world of sane men, he will have to get his paint bucket and his paintbrush and do the work by himself, avoiding the hordes of mad fans that are hunting him down looking for an autograph...


Retrospec best remakes of old 8 bit games and new original games with a decidedly retro feel.

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