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Print, Learn & Play

4th of July Activity Collection

There is lots to learn and play about July 4th celebrations. Kid friendly topics, resources and observances you can use to tell them stories about American history.

Pool Safely Activities

No matter how safe you feel your kids already are around swimming pools and spas, adding as many proven safety steps as possible is the best system.

Do-It-Yourself Kite Activities

Print instructions to make a kite. A kite is a tethered object with an aerodynamic surface that creates lift in order to overcome gravity and fly.

Kids Fire Safety Category Set of Activities

This activity list has multiple ways to play and learn. Kids of any age will find material to download and links to further explore learning with fun games and cartoons. Download Sesame Street songs, stories and coloring book.

Saint Patrick's Day Category Set of Activities

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day with our free downloads that include a coloring book, activities, and some great recipes and crafts. Download images for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Playbooks and other portable devices including Android backgrounds.
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