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Big Green Recycle List of Resources

Environmental Activities October 30, 2015

People are busy these days and time is at a premium. Donation Pick Up is process...

Historical Valentine’s Day Postcards of …

Print, Learn & Play November 21, 2015

We have collected historical Valentine's Day postcards with unique greeting messages and created a flipbook to...

The Delta - Paper Plane Glider

NASA & Science October 30, 2015

The Delta has a wide delta wing form, winglets (turned-up wings), and a solid blunt nose...

Gobolinks; or, Shadow Pictures for Young…

Featured eBooks January 1, 2016

Shadow picture pages contain different ink splotches that are coupled with well-known stories. The book also...

Whilomville Stories

Featured eBooks December 25, 2015

A collection of thirteen stories set in the mythical town of Whilomville. the stories are poignant...

Hand Shadows to Be Thrown Upon the Wall

Featured eBooks January 1, 2016

A picture book series of novel and amusing figures formed by the hand.

The Book of Art for Young People

Famous Series February 23, 2016

This is a charming book on Art History for everyone. Each chapter focuses on a great...

Fifty Famous People

Famous Series June 8, 2016

A collection stories about the lives of some of the world's most famous men and women...

Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Te…

Famous Series March 31, 2016

In this volume, Elbert Hubbard reflects on the lives of great teachers throughout history. Included are...

Jungle Book 01

Short Films View June 6, 2016

Episodes 1: Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli is an anime adaption of Rudyard Kipling's original collection of...

Smokey Bear: A Day in the Forest

Web Animation January 16, 2016

Smokey Bear K-2 Wildfire Prevention teaches young students about the importance of forest stewardship, forest fires...

Ruffus The Dog: Tom Thumb

Puppets View January 15, 2016

Ruffus plays the diminutive Tom Thumb who, with his friend Bliss the pig, embarks on quest...


Popular Videos

Rigs of Rods Simulator
Games and Software

Rigs of Rods Simulator

Rigs of Rods ("RoR") is an open source multi-simulation game…

Rigs of Rods Simulator
Games and Software

Rigs of Rods Simulator

Rigs of Rods ("RoR") is an open source multi-simulation game…

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator
Games and Software

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

Orbiter is a free and realistic space flight simulation prog…

Disney Short Films collection
Short Films

Disney Short Films collection

These animated short films were produced by Walt Disney Prod…

Classic Cartoon Collection
Vintage Cartoons

Classic Cartoon Collection

A collection of popular vintage cartoons to view, share, and…

Energy Star® Kids Activities & Family Resources
Environmental Activities

Energy Star® Kids Activities & Family Resources

You are free download and share the list of learning activit…

Scavenger Hunt Family Game
Environmental Activities

Scavenger Hunt Family Game

These fun games and activities can help your family collect …


Latest downloads

Learning American English Collection of Games and Activities

Both teachers and students will find new ways to practice English and learn more about...

Smokey Bear & Friends

Explore Smokey's cabin to find all sorts of fun and interesting things about Wildfire Prevention...

Pool Safely Activities

No matter how safe you feel your kids already are around swimming pools and spas...

4th of July Activity Collection

There is lots to learn and play about July 4th celebrations. Kid friendly topics, resources...

Sun Safety Activities

A sunburn or tan results when UV rays damage your unprotected skin and may lead...

Smithsonian Institution Education Activities

Begin your Smithsonian adventure by viewing and downloading activities.

Do-It-Yourself Kite Activities

Print instructions to make a kite. A kite is a tethered object with an aerodynamic...