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CIA is looking for a diversity of people for the important job of keeping America safe. This includes Clandestine Service Officers to be on the front line of human intelligence. Plus, individuals skilled in science, engineering, technology, analysis, foreign languages and administration for positions in the United States and overseas.

Studies in Intelligence
This electronic archive highlights articles and indexes on the intelligence profession.

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Application Recommendations

We recommend submitting your resume online in response to specific positions. The Application Instructions link is found at the bottom of each position listed on the career’s pages.

Be prepared to undergo a thorough background investigation examining your life's history, your character, trustworthiness, reliability, and soundness of judgment. We also examine your freedom from conflicting allegiances, potential strong-armed, and willingness and ability to abide by regulations governing the use, handling and the protection of sensitive information. The CIA uses the polygraph to check the veracity of this information. The hiring process also includes a thorough mental and physical medical examination in relation to performing essential job functions.

Application Process

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