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Academic Earth aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to earn a world-class education by offering free online classes and online learning tools.

Thematic series of lectures curated by our editors. To view your personal Favorites, log in and click here.

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Whether you are looking to advance your career or take classes that interest you, Academic Earth can connect you to the world’s top universities and scholars.

Earn a degree with impact With Academic Earth, you'll get connected with world-class universities that employers know and respect.


The universities listed tenure some of the world’s foremost professors and researchers in their domain. We are proud to feature their lectures on Academic Earth so that you may explore topics and learn from experts on a wide range of subjects -- from is the scientific approach to computation and application and specifically to the design of computing machines and processes. A computer science to anthropology and everything in between. Many of these courses have been provided through Open CourseWare initiatives to make quality education available to everyone.